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January NAC Charlotte, NC Jan. 3-6, 2020

Junior Women's Foil

Yejine Lee 50th Place (out of 157)

Rachael Kim 57th Place (out of 157)

Div. I Men's Foil

Vinni Yu 64th Place (out of 299)

Junior Men's Foil

Nicholas Kim 17T Place (out of 261)

Vinni Yu 55th Place (out of 261)

Div. I Women's Epee

Isis Washington 19th Place (out of 199)

Junior Women's Epee

Rachael Kim 31st Place (out of 173)

Diane Kim 57th Place (out of 173)

Div. I Men's Epee

Russell Cha 49th Place (out of 236)

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