Frequently Asked Questions

What does fencing look like?

Fencing is more mobile and athletic than the “classical” fencing style everybody knows from TV and the movies. Fencing has running moves, “flicks” where you bend the blade over someone’s shoulder, and sometimes lots of (happy) screaming.

How difficult is fencing from an athletic standpoint?

The sport provides excellent cardiovascular exercise, as there is a great deal of emphasis placed on rapid, precise footwork as well as blade movement. Fencers often see some remarkable improvement in hand-eye coordination, balance, overall speed, reaction times, concentration, and discipline as time progresses.

Is fencing different from dueling?

In a duel, people used to fight until “first blood” with a sword as sharp as a kitchen knife. In Olympic fencing, you fence to 15 points. You use a flexible blade, with a button at the tip. All fencers wear protective gear, including jackets, gloves and masks.

Is fencing safe, and does it hurt?

The National Athletic Trainers' Association places the low injury rate for fencing as comparable to tennis, golf and rowing, and far below soccer, basketball and football. Although fencing is a martial art it is does not hurt as fencers wear full safety equipment.